Debate: Alex Smith vs Brandon Weeden

Since we’ve had a few rumbles over this topic already, I thought we should open the floor up to let everyone air their opinion out.  So, tell us in the comments section who you think should get the nod for the Browns QB spot, Smith or Weeden.  Feel free to reply to people you disagree with. 

I’m looking forward to reading some of the responses.


2 thoughts on “Debate: Alex Smith vs Brandon Weeden

  1. Alex Smith…. 2 full healthy season in 7 years… 5 awful season in 7 …. his best overall year he threw 15 tds and 5 ints with an excellent supporting cast… brandon weeden threw 14tds and 17ints with an entire rookie offense learning the a bastarized WCO together his rookie season was almost identical to andy dalton rookie season although andy threw 6 more tds AJ was a damn beast….. i know brandon will be 30 i know he probably would be our QB for more then 5 years even if he comes out in Norv’s offense and does succeed which i think he would… I just think if we have to give up a first round pick and a big contract it wouldnt be for Alex smith

    If he we get him pretty cheap then we’d be stupid to not pick him up to compete… we wont get him cheap with KC, Arizona, and Philly interested…. So my question is would your rather have a shut down Corner or probably a 10 year guard with our first round pick and give brandon another couple seasons as we develop young QB with late round draft picks


    spend that first round pick on alex smith …. and we can say at best he is an average qb …. 5 terrible seasons with 2 good seasons doesnt make him that diserable to me … and he does not stay healthy so chances are even if you hated brandon weeden and we pick up alex, and lets say alex starts …. brandon would probably still play when alex went down but we just lost our first round draft pick. food for thought


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