Its Tribe Time now!

That’s right Tribe fans.  Pitchers and Catchers report for spring training on the 11th of February.  Its almost time for another season!  The big question this year is will we flop again or will the acquisitions made in the off season push us into the post season?

A news article posted on January 25th on the Cleveland Plain Dealer states that the Tribe is looking into signing  either Jim Thome or Travis Hafner.

I firmly believe that this would be a huge mistake to sign either of them.  What have we seen from Hafner for the past few years except someone that is broken with occasional spots of hitting the ball into the outfield and rarely into the bleachers.  Its true, he does not strike out much, but for the number of times he is on base is he really worth filling the DH spot?

Jim Thome is another problem altogether.  The initial betrayal after he told us that he would never leave Cleveland, to his departure after the 2011 season.  Do we really want him back?  Sure, he was great in his prime.  He is the all around home run leader for the Tribe.  Do we want him back just because of his past awesomeness   The fact is that he is no longer that good.  Just like Hafner he occasionally smacks a ball but those times are rare.  It may be better to keep the position open and shift players through it to rest them.

The Tribe has gotten some great talent in the off season.  We don’t need to fill a position with a “has been” just to fill the position.  Bring in someone that wants to be here or better yet wait until after a decent player is put on waivers by another team and claim them.  Don’t waste money just to fill the DH.


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