I’m Still All In On Brandon

Why I’m still all in on Brandon Weeden:

Let’s compare Brandon to Andy Dalton, let’s debunk some of the rumors, and let’s talk about our QB options.

Brandon Weeden’s rookie year VS Andy Dalton’s rookie year:

* Andy Dalton had AJ Green, while Josh Gordon came along after week 5 and was not AJ.

* Jay Gruden worked some of what Andy already knew from TCU into his offensive system.


2011 Dalton 300 58.1 3,398 6.59 20 13 80.4
2012 Weeden 297 57.4 3,385 6.55 14 17 72.4

How come no one called for Daltons job?


His age : Although Weeden is going to be 30, he played baseball so his body has taken the beating that a Jay Cutler’s has. I think its something forgotten about and not talked about, but we didn’t get Weeden in free agency or from the CFL; he played baseball. The offensive line in Cleveland could be top 10 in the NFL for a long time because they are young and on the upswing, so there is no reason to think an upright Weeden couldn’t be here for 6-8 years.

Weeden just stares down receivers and  doesn’t hit open guys:  He was a rookie and no matter how “mature,” he was going to stare some receivers down. Even Andrew Luck had some issues with that, and this always gets better with time. On his receivers: Do you think second year WR Greg Little, Rookie WR Josh Gordon, and Rookie WR Travis Benjamin were breaking on their routes, and running the right routes all the time?   NO.  Some of it was Brandon getting happy feet and throwing it early, but some of it was Brandon trying to hit a guy where he “should” be or where he is “going.” Again this will get better with continuity and time.

Brandon is going to be 30. He was picked too high at 22, and that’s not because he wasn’t talented enough, but it was because he was a “spread offense” QB and should have sat for a year. This gives him a major disadvantage. In 2012  he made plenty of mistakes but he had a rookie WR core, a rookie injured RB, a rookie RT, and Pat Shurmur calling the plays. What QB had more stacked against him? Also he was put in a WCO that he shouldn’t have ever been in because it doesn’t fit his skill set.

Our Options:

Ryan Mallet “BIG TEX” : First off he has the same skill set as Brandon, all comparable except Brandon is probably more mobile. I know he is 24 years old. I know he has a cannon. I know he had a drug problem in college. I know he has 1 for 4 so far in NFL completions.

This is the “best” option in the market but the Pats want a #1 draft pick for him so can I ask you – With a QB a lot like Brandon who was drafted in the 3rd round, who had a drug problem, and who has completed one big league pass … is he worth it?

Matt Flynn: I don’t like him. He had one good game in which a lot of passes were under thrown and his WR made plays on them. Our guys have not done that yet, and outside of that game he has been an average to below average prospect. We would most likely give a 1st round draft pick for him, too.

Colt McCoy:  People are wrong when they say he is so much more accurate than Brandon. I was at those home games for Colt McCoy, and even outside of looking like a 13 year old girl next to men in the huddle, I saw nothing that I liked about his game. He has been just as inaccurate at times as Brandon has been. He scrambles to one side because he has trouble seeing his throwing lanes so he scrambles or runs for it. It drastically reduces the big play’s possibilities when you take half your reads out of your vision. Also we know a “vertical passing” offense and Colt McCoy do not go together. He is a nice guy though.

Alex Smith: Again he has a lot of what Brandon has, but until Jim got to town he was downright awful.  He is 28,  they will probably want a first rounder for him too (see the trend here) and I think Norv can do for Brandon what Jim did for Alex.

We have needs … CB, OLB, Vetern WR, FS….. our first round pick is better spent on a shut down corner. We have Brandon, he is pretty cheap, he is capable, and Norv Turner has a track record with QBs that is undeniable. Just like many teams, let’s pick someone up in the late rounds to develop every year and you never know what we might find.

Brandon Weeden is our best option for 2013 in my honest opinion.


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