Patience isn’t just three years long!

With all of the current changes going on in today’s Browns news I think it is a good time to sit back and realize that we as a fan base and our Cleveland media outlets need to take a breath and give these men a chance.
Most days I get a chance to listen to at least 30 combined minutes of Cleveland based sports talk radio and the outpouring for Shurmur’s head was expected and invited by all. However, the lack of support for team management is absolutely shocking. The comparison to other teams and their coaches is ridiculous. To be upset that we didn’t hire a “seasoned” head coach is an angle that I personally do not understand. Every coach in the Division right now started out as somebodies OC, DC, or lower. They all inherited another regime’s troubles and aging rosters. (With the exception maybe being the Steelers. Tomlin was handed a golden goose.) That being said, Chud is greeting a hungry, young, talented team that poses the ability to fit into his system and adjust to change. Our old team has had clock management problems and a fear of throwing the deep ball or even taking a chance out of the box. The idea of a coach who has had experience with more than one team and seems to be unafraid to take a chance and fit the pieces into place and make it work is exciting and refreshing. Shurmur seemed to be afraid to make a mistake with Big Daddy Holmgren watching his every move, knowing that the boss is better than him. Chud is the coach. He is the man running the show and coaching the team with his coordinators and assistants there to help him. It’s an exciting time to be a Browns’ fan, just please, as true fans, give this coaching staff and these players a chance. Have some faith, and for God’s sake patience, that lasts longer than just one season.


One thought on “Patience isn’t just three years long!

  1. In general, I agree. But I do have a few points to make in this area.

    1. Browns fans want to throw the towel in at stupid times. Like, while we only won 5 games last season, it was with a young team that shows a lot of promise. Just need some experience and better coaching on offense.

    2. Browns fans are not nearly enough of a pain in the teams side when they lose. Like, you can’t afford to lose in towns like Dallas or Philly or New York, because those markets will eat you alive. They expect winners. Cleveland expects losers and still acts shocked when that’s what we get.

    3. Number two aside, you don’t build a long term, winning organization by flipping the entire coaching staff, front office and half the roster every 2-3 years. Look at the longevity in the big franchises.

    Good read man.


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